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Video Marketing Blueprint

Sick and tired of taking the long way when it comes to building your list?

Frustrated with ‘guru’ methods that don’t work the way they were promised?

Believe it or not, building your list and getting leads doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it has gotten a whole lot easier.

Here you will learn a powerful yet largely under-tapped traffic source…You can draw continuous, massive leads, get targeted buyers,  and do this with nothing more than short videos!

Let’s take a sneak peek at what you will learn:

Discover the blueprint to building your list at warp speed using videos … you don’t have to record!

How to find profitable products to promote using videos

Bank in passive sales with videos

How to create a killer give away offer

And use videos to generate targeted leads… by the hordes!

Easy ways to churn out videos using free and inexpensive tools and methods… and within hours!

I also include my on-screen tutorial so you can follow on how to configure your YouTube account to start sharing out your videos!

You also learn how to pick the right keywords to rank high for your videos and get all the search it deserves.

And much more… this is going to change the way you build your list, and video marketing won’t be the same again!

This item contains a 69 page PDF eBook, 7 MP4 Videos, 7 MP3 Audio FIles, 7 Transcript Files, a Checklist and a Mindmap.

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