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Keeping Fish

Welcome to Keeping Fish, an Aquarium Primer For Keeping Fresh And Saltwater Fish.

Whether you’re planning on starting a freshwater fish tank or a saltwater aquarium, it goes without saying that it will be much more rewarding in the long run to do things right, right out of the box.

Not everything about fish is as intuitive as an inexperienced hobbyist may think. For example, it may not be obvious to everyone that you shouldn’t keep big fish in a small tank, or that small fish probably won’t fair well with larger more aggressive stock. And, unless you follow the advice of the store clerk where you buy Betta fish, you may not know that putting multiple male Betta fish in the same fish tank is a bad idea!

As for general maintenance and setup, there are some essential steps that must be observed before your fish are ever introduced to their new home.

This brief primer will help you walk away with a better understanding of what is involved with creating a stable and healthy environment for your fish.

This item is a 14 page PDF eBook.

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