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The Definitive Guide To Cardio

Topics Covered:

Aerobics Fan? Be Sure You Have These Tools to Work Up a Sweat

Treading Water – Why Swimming Makes for a Great Workout

Beneficial Tools for a Great Workout in Your Pool

Heart Health at Home – Dig Out Your Jump Rope

Martial Arts Can Strike a Balance Both Physically and Mentally in your Exercise Regiment

Mini-Trampolines – Do They Help or Hurt a Home Exercise Routine?

Need to Lose Weight? Diet and Exercise Go Hand in Hand

Park It –Take Advantage of Your Neighborhood Park for Exercise

Row Your Way to Weight Loss – Benefits of a Rowing Machine

Stair Climber and Gliders – What These Do for Your Workout Routines

The Basics on the Proper Use of a Treadmill

The Ins and Outs of Rebounding Exercise

The Most Beneficial Equipment for Your Cardio Workout

The Nuances of a Nordic Track

Why Treadmills Are so Versatile and Fit Any Lifestyle

This item is a 23 page PDF eBook.

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