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How To Breed Tropical Fish

Anyone who wants to breed Aquarium fish successfully has to know the requirements of the fish in question. Plus you have to create appropriate environmental conditions, in either the maintenance tank or a special breeding tank.

There are various ways for tropical fish to breed. Some are live bearers, such as guppies, where the mother expels live fry that start swimming immediately.

Mouth brooders, like most African cichlids, the mother carries the eggs in her mouth for 18 days until they hatch.

Egg scatterers, like catfish, will lay their eggs on rocks, plants, and logs in order to allow the water to carry the eggs away for a better chance of survival.

Cave layers, such as the blind cave fish, will lay their eggs in dark places.

Egg layers, like angelfish or rams will lay eggs on slate or rock or plants and they will protect their eggs.

Bubblenest builders, such as gouramis and bettas, secrete a liquid to hold tiny plants together in order to form a nest.

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