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The Bounce Back To Dating Guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about….Getting Dumped….And Bouncing Back!

No physical pain can compare to a broken heart.  There are many books that deal with issues resulting from a broken heart, but all seem to be full of deep psychological advice.  Common sense, it seems, is hard to find.  Yet when you are suffering from a broken heart after getting dumped in a relationship is when you need common sense advice the most!

There is more to bouncing back from getting dumped than just simple analysis.  Well meaning people will tell you to “buck up” or “snap out of it,” but rarely actually give you practical advice on exactly what you should DO.  Talking about the heartbreak of being dumped and telling someone to “love themselves before they can be loved” is old, worn and cliche.  Isn’t it about time for some practical advice on actual exercises on what you can do to feel better?

This book has tips to help you bounce back after getting dumped….

This item is a 55 page PDF eBook.

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