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Beginner’s Guide to Playing Golf

Afraid You’ll Look Foolish on the Golf Course? Don’t Know a Wood from an Iron?

 “Learn How to Golf and Impress Your Friends!”

 Are you intimidated when a friend or colleague asks YOU to play a game of golf? Do you suspect that business deals are being made on the course while you hang out in the Club House? Are you ashamed that you don’t know a bunker from a green? Are you wondering what is making everybody so obsessed with this game?

 Don’t despair – everyone started out just like you. Unfortunately if you’ve come late to the game you may feel your performance will embarrass you in front of your friends (or worse – your boss!). While golf is typically learned by adults you may feel ashamed to admit your lack of skill and prefer to avoid the game altogether. Don’t miss out on the fun and networking enjoyed by golfers…“Get on the Course and Give it a Swing!”

 But before you do that (and risk embarrassing yourself) why not start out on the right foot with a quick overview of the sport, how it’s played and how to make the right decisions (and shots) that make you look like an old pro?

 This item contains a 26 page PDF eBook, 26 Audio Files and 25 .doc files.

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